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Our employees bring their experience to your projects in the following areas:

Rail vehicles

  • Rolling stock – new build and retrofitting
  • Multiple units (e.g. ICE 4, Velaro, Link)
  • Locomotives (e.g. Vectron, TRAXX, Euro PH 37 ACai)
  • Passenger carriages (e.g. NIM Express, Do 2010)
  • Freight wagons (e.g. car transporters, tank wagons, flat wagons)
  • On-track machines/ special vehicles (e.g. track grinding machinery, maintenance vehicles)
  • Light rail
  • Components (e.g. bogies, wheels, boarding aids)

Rail infrastructure

  • Infrastructure – new and upgraded lines
  • New lines (e.g. VDE 8.1, VDE 8.2)
  • Upgraded lines (e.g. Fehmarn Belt link, third line Stelle-Lüneburg)
  • Stations (e.g. Hamburg-Altona, Pinneberg)
  • Components (e.g. rail fastening systems, sleepers, rails, ticket machines)
  • Accessibility in stations (e.g. gap fillers)
  • Level crossings (e.g. federally owned and non-federally owned rail companies)