Your requirement - our solution


Article: Your requirement - our solution

Railway Approvals Germany GmbH (RAG) is providing the following competences and services:

1) Notified Body for assessing European requirements (TSI) of the subsystems

  • Rolling stock: TSI LOC&PAS, TSI WAG, TSI NOI, TSI PRM and TSI SRT
  • Infrastructure: TSI INF, TSI PRM and TSI SRT
  • Energy: TSI ENE
  • Train control, train protection and signalling: TSI ZZS

2) Designated Body for assessing the national requirements (NNTR)

  • "Bestimmte Stelle"  in Germany
  • „Benannte Beauftragte Stelle“ in Switzerland
  • „organisme désigne“ in Luxembourg

3) Assessment Body

  • assessing significant changes under Common Safety Methods for Risk Assessment (carried out by the partner DB Systemtechnik GmbH)

4) Assessment services in the following areas:

Rail vehicles

  • Running characteristics
  • Aerodynamics / crosswind
  • Vehicle superstructure / strength
  • Passive safety / crash
  • Draw and buffing gear
  • Bogie / chassis
  • Wheelsets/wheelset bearings
  • Braking device
  • Pantographs
  • Front window
  • Side window
  • Doors/passenger boarding and transition
  • Electrical systems and immunity
  • Instrumentation and control systems/ functional safety and other safety equipment
  • Drinking water and wastewater systems
  • Environmental protection
  • Fire protection
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Vehicle gauge
  • Train control and train protection systems
  • Inscriptions
  • Joining technology/ non-destructive testing
  • Persons with reduced mobility
  • Maintenance/ operation


  • Construction engineering - remit of structural engineering
  • Building construction / other constructional engineering
  • Permanent way - remit of tracks and switches
  • Persons with reduced mobility - platform lighting, accessways, emergency lighting
  • Evacuation facilities and tunnels


  • Railway AC power supply
  • Railway DC power supply
  • Catenary systems railway AC
  • Catenary systems railway DC
  • Automated overhead line voltage testing
  • Harmonics and dynamic effects in AC systems

Train control, train protection and signalling

  • Train control and train protection systems
  • Radio communication systems

5)Trainings such as e.g.

  • Training on legal framework and approval procedures

The following recognitions and accreditations are the basis for our actions:

  • Railway Approvals Germany is accredited as a Notified Body (NoBo) and  Designated Body (DeBo) for Germany according to Section 5 (1) (d), sentence 1 No.1 a) and b) German General Railway Act (AEG)

  • Furthermore, Railway Approvals Germany is accredited as a certification body for products in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 (accreditation certificate D-ZE-21528-01-00) for the areas listed in the annex to the document. (

  • On top of that, Railway Approvals Germany is recognised as "organisme désigne" (DeBo) in Luxembourg and “Benannte Beauftragte Stelle” (DeBo) in Switzerland.

  • It also continues to provide experts with EBA accreditation or who are recognised rail industry experts in the non-federally owned railway sector as well as qualified persons in accordance with BOStrab.

  • By fulfilling these roles, Railway Approvals Germany undertakes to comply with all requirements written down in the "Requirements for conformity assessment bodies seeking notification" of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA Assessment scheme) and to implement these requirements in their operations