Article: Mission

We see it as our mission to promote the rail system as a safe and reliable mode of transport through efficient certification procedures today and in the future. To this end, we are in action throughout Europe when tracks are to be built, new rolling stock constructed or new energy systems put into operation. This also applies to redesigns and modifications to these systems.

In particular, the regulations of the 4th railway package have brought significant changes to the authorisation process for rolling stock and rail infrastructure in Europe. Within this authorisation process, as a Notified Body, we provide an important building block for the success of your project.

Complex contexts and extensive projects are no challenge for us. We see this as our motivation to accompany our customers as a competent and reliable partner in their projects and thus create added value for the entire rail system.

We bring together a large number of experts who are highly committed to your project and have many years of experience in all areas of the railway system.

As an independent conformity assessment body, we always work impartially. Since certification means one thing above all: Trust.