Article: Energy

The energy subsystem deals with the requirements of the ENE TSI.

According to the Interoperability Directive 2016/797 (Annex II, 2.2), the structural subsystem energy includes the elements and aspects: Energy supply system, including overhead contact lines and trackside parts of electricity metering and charging equipment.

Our employees bring many years of experience with the test and certification objects associated here:

  • Railway power supply systems e.g. 16.7 Hz but also
  • Electrotechnical systems 50 Hz
  • Railway power supply AC / DC
  • Overhead contact line systems AC railway / DC railway
  • Interoperability constituent "overhead contact line"
  • Automatic overhead contact line voltage testing
  • Harmonics and dynamic effects in AC systems
  • Reverse current conduction and earthing systems

Our experts of the energy subsystem combine sound specialist knowledge with years of experience in the certification business and thus provide you with the decisive advantage for your project. Our relevant references speak for themselves.