Rolling stock

Article: Rolling stock

The rolling stock subsystem deals with the requirements of the LOC&PAS, WAG, NOI, PRM and SRT TSIs.

According to the Interoperability Directive 2016/797 (Annex II, 2.7), this subsystem includes: body structure, control-command and train protection system and associated train equipment, current collection devices, traction and energy conversion devices, on-board devices for measuring and billing electricity consumption, brake systems, couplings, running gear (bogies, axles, etc.) and suspension, doors, man-machine interfaces (driver, on-board equipment, train protection system, etc.).) and suspension, doors, human-machine interfaces focus areas (train driver, train crew and passengers, including accessibility functions for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility), passive or active safety devices and requirements for the health of passengers and train crew.

Our employees bring many years of experience with the test and certification objects associated here:

  • Multiple units
  • Locomotives
  • Passenger carriages
  • Freight wagons
  • On-track machines
  • Special vehicles
  • Road-rail vehicles
  • Light-rail
  • Components
  • Driving technology
  • Aerodynamics
  • Crosswind
  • Vehicle structure /.strength
  • passive safety / crash
  • buffing and draw gear
  • bogie / running gear
  • wheelset / wheelset bearings
  • brake equipment
  • pantograph
  • front window
  • side window
  • doors / passenger access and transition
  • electrical installations and EMC
  • instrumentation and control systems / functional safety and other safety-related equipment
  • drinking water and waste water systems and sewage systems
  • environmental protection
  • fire protection
  • occupational health and safety
  • vehicle limitation
  • train control and train protection systems
  • addresses
  • joining technology / non-destructive testing
  • PRM
  • maintenance / operation

Our expertsof the rolling stock subsystem combine sound specialist knowledge with many years of experience in the certification business and thus provide you with the decisive advantage for your project. Our relevant references speak for themselves.